Payroll Services

Payroll is a very important cycle.

At Flexible Accounting and Tax services, we do everything we can to make sure your payroll runs smoothly every time.

Our payroll services at your office or ours include:

• Preparations of pay stubs - Payroll

o Weekly

o Bi-weekly

o Semi-monthly)

o Monthly

• Calculate and provide the remittance of source of deductions to CRA


o EI

o Income Tax Deductions

• We also provide

o Year-end T4s and T4 summaries

o Preparation of additional slips (T3s, T5s) as required

o Your Records of Employment (ROE's)

• Administration of employee benefits

• Hire/Termination (ROE and all related payroll forms)

Never fear paying late penalties for remitting your government source

deductions late. Get your taxes are remitted right on time, every time.