Bookkeeping Services

                     Every business small or large requires Bookkeeping. We work with most bookkeeping software in the industry including: Quick books, and simply accounting. Appropriate recordkeeping saves you time.

                    Flexible accounting and Tax Services offer Onsite bookkeeping Services and Offsite Bookkeeping Services.Our services are Bookkeeping for sole proprietorships, Bookkeeping for small business, Bookkeeping for Large business, Bookkeeping for Retail, Bookkeeping for Industries, part time bookkeeper and bookkeeping for contractors.

Our bookkeeping services at your office or ours include:

• Select appropriate bookkeeping software for your business

• Set up books on your bookkeeping system

• On a regular basis review your books.

• Continuance guidance for periodic filings: GST, PST, Payroll and WSIB returns.

• Establish Accounting Systems to interpret financial information.

• Review bookkeeping and accounting systems to highlight areas for improvement.

Our Services can be provided

- With your software or ours.

- On weekdays or weekends

- At your most convenient time

Flexible Accounting and Tax Services ensures that:

- Reporting any outstanding bills are paid on a timely basis.

- Charges are accurate on the bills.

- No bills are double paid in error.

- Bills are for services/goods actually received.

- Payments are posted to correct accounts.

- Accounts receivable aging information is tracked.

- A monthly report of outstanding receivables is prepared.

HST, WSIB Returns

We can prepare returns related to statutory remittances such as:

• HST (Goods a& Services Tax)

• WSIB (Workers' Safety & Insurance Board)

Bank Reconciliations

Our bank reconciliation service ensures that:

Any bank errors are caught in time and help manage the cash flow of the business.Bank activity in your accounting system must be matched to the bank activity on your bank statement to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the bank activity and cash transactions.